What You Should Know

Ruben Diaz

August 16, 2012


By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz

32nd Senatorial District, Bronx County, New York

Tel. 718-991-3161


And the Visits and Telephone Calls Keep Coming


You should know that since the last time, when I mentioned that Cardinal Timothy Dolan called to wish me well, to pray for me, and to remind me that God still has a lot of work for me to do in New York State, many other calls and well wishes have been coming.


My list of well wishes includes a telephone call from NYPD’s Chief Gerald Nelson, a call from NYPD Bronx Borough Commander Chief Carlos Gomez, and the latest, who not only called but came personally to Rebekah Nursing Home to visit me, was Wendy Long, New York’s Candidate for US Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand.


The list has also grown to include Congressman Charlie Rangel, a parade of Hispanic Ministers, Bronx County Democratic Chairman Carl Heastie, Councilman Jimmy Vacca, DYDC Commissioner Jeanne B. Mullgrav, Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, Assembly Member Candidates Luis Sepulveda and Mark Gjonaj, Mrs. Ann Noonan and her husband Michael, and Leaders of the Bangladesh Community in the Bronx.


Special thanks to my Senatorial Staff; they have kept the office running smoothly and to Ms. Janes Gonzalez and her husband Carlos who drove all the way from Albany to pay me a visit.


I would be lying to you if I tell you otherwise, but when you are in a hospital bed for three weeks, things become lonely and days become long – and sometimes you end up staring at the ceiling. No wonder they say that "you know who your friends are when you are in need, in prison or in the hospital."


I also have to admit that I have deeply missed the visit from any one of my Senatorial colleagues, including my Conference Leader John Sampson, even though he has called me a few times. I always knew (or had the idea) that I was not one of their preferred or their favorites, but to the point that I’ve been sick in the hospital for three weeks and none of them has shown up at least to wish me well, is heartbreaking.


To all of you who have been calling and to all of my friends who have been dropping by: thank you very much!


It is extra nice when you have a wife that day by day sits with you and keeps you company during this hard time. Thank you Leslie.


You should know that I just got the news that I will be sent home on August 22nd and finally – God willing – I will be resting in my own bed, with my wife.


But as I have said before, and will say again: I’ll be back, Stronger, Faster and Better!


This is State Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.