What You Should Know

Ruben Diaz

January 17, 2013


By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz

32nd Senatorial District, Bronx County, New York

Tel. 718-991-3161

Hocus Pocus – POOF! – and the Politician Disappeared

You should know that the New York City GOP Primary, Quinnipiac University Poll Findings have just been released.

You should know that this is the Quinnipiac University Poll public opinion survey question that was posed to Registered Republicans: “If the Republican primary for Mayor were being held today, and the candidates were: Joseph Lhota, John Catsimatidis, Adolfo Carrión, George McDonald, and Tom Allon, for whom would you vote?”

You should also know these are the results: Lhota – 23%, Catsimatidis – 9%, Allon – 5%, Carrión – 3%, and McDonald – 2%. (The other 53% were undecided.)

It must be DEVASTATING for former Democrat-turned-Republican Adolfo Carrión – whose career has included serving as: President Obama’s 1st Director of the Office of Urban Affairs, a Bronx Borough President, a Member of the New York City Council, a District Manager for Bronx Community Board 5, and a Vice President of Human Services and Community Outreach at Promesa – to receive a mere 3 percent of the vote.

It must be overwhelming for Adolfo Carrión – a full-fledged filed candidate – to find himself beaten by a virtual political unknown, a newspaper publisher named Tom Allon.

You should know that I would just really hate to believe that at this stage of the game, Adolfo Carrión has squandered all of his political capital that he will most definitely need to win this race for Mayor of the City of New York. It’s going to be extremely difficult for Adolfo Carrión to be given the Republican Party line with these bottom feeder results.

On the other hand and according to this Quinnipiac Poll, a guy by the name of Joe Lhota looks like he could beat Adolfo Carrión and any of his Republican opponents and win the GOP nomination.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that in the blink of an eye – and maybe even before more Quinnipiac results are released – when someone asks, “Where is Adolfo Carrión?” we’ll just have to reply: “Hocus Pocus – POOF! – the politician disappeared.”

This is Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.