Senate Passes Legislation Prohibiting Disruption During a Funeral Procession

Ruth Hassell-Thompson

March 02, 2012

New law would make it illegal for driver of a motor vehicle to

 interfere with a funeral procession 

On February 29, 2012, Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson and her colleagues unanimously passed legislation (Senate Bill 3022) to prohibit the disruption of a funeral procession by making it illegal for a driver of a motor vehicle to unreasonably interfere with the orderly movement of a funeral procession.  

“A funeral procession is the time when the deceased is being transferred from a church, synagogue, or mosque to their final place of rest,” explained Senator Hassell-Thompson.  “For those saying good-bye to their beloved family members or dear friends, it is a time of tremendous heartache and sadness that deserves the utmost respect.   

Under the new law, it would be illegal for a driver of a motor vehicle to enter the space of two vehicles traveling single file in a funeral procession in a way that unreasonably interferes with the procession. 

“This legislation works to ensure everyone’s safety during a very disconcerting time,” Senator Hassell-Thompson concluded. 

This bill is awaiting action in the Assembly.