Statement from Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson in Support of Universal Pre-K

Ruth Hassell-Thompson

February 19, 2014

“It is imperative that our public schools remedy the drastic achievement gap in order for the youth of New York City to be properly prepared for college or a career.  Currently, only 13 percent of black and Latino students are considered prepared for college or a career.  The educational value of a universal pre-K program cannot be overestimated.  It creates a desire for learning and creativity that has the potential to stay with a student throughout his or her life.  The future of our city, state and nation depend on a well-educated and skilled workforce and universal pre-K sets the stage for this to occur.  For the majority of my tenure in the State Senate, my colleagues and I have voted in support of allowing cities and counties to decide what is for them and their residents.  New York City must be given this same respect.”