Update on Haiti

Leadership of US Efforts:   Former President Clinton, the UN Special Envoy for Haiti, traveled to Haiti on Monday, January 18th to meet with Haitians and deliver emergency relief. Secretary Clinton and USAID Administrator Raj Shah went to Haiti to assess the situation and bring supplies on Saturday, January 16.
Former Presidents Bush and Clinton have been asked by President Obama to lead a joint fund-raising effort on behalf of Haiti's reconstruction.
President Obama committed $100 million immediately and directed DoD, State, and USAID to make Haiti their highest priority.


Americans: 580 waiting for evacuation in or around the Embassy; Total of 1,760 airlifted out to date.
Non-Americans in medical emergencies are being evacuated on a case-by-case basis.
Orphans: 150 of 300 orphans in pending U.S. cases have already been flown to America.
Another six arrive in Florida on Sunday.

Private Fundraising:

From texting program: $17.4 million raised from 1.7 million people.

All of the following figures are approximate:

Water:  Sufficient for at minimum 60,000 people/day

Food:  UN providing 60,000 biscuits/day. US has made 600,000 daily rations available, and US and UN working on getting another 22 million emergency meals.

Ships:  10 ships with helipads, water facilities, medical facilities, etc; at least 2 cargo ships; and 9 Coast Guard cutters.
Aircraft:  2 aircraft, at least 40 helicopters

Personnel:  At least 5,800 military personnel on ground or afloat; approximately 7,500 on the way and at least 250 are doctors and nurses, with a pool of 1200 available. 500 search and rescue personnel.

Security: 2500 US forces and 1250 UN to come support the 7,000 UN peacekeepers.