Senator Brouk remembers three soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Mendon

Samra G. Brouk

February 10, 2021

Senator Brouk delivers a copy of the resolution honoring Officers Skoda, Koch, and Prial to the Rochester branch of the Army National Guard

Albany, NY - Senator Brouk honors the loss of Chief Warrant Officers Steven Skoda, Christian Koch, and Daniel Prial, who were killed in a helicopter crash in Mendon, NY during a training exercise. Senate Resolution No. 319 was passed in honor of these brave officers.

“The loss of these brave men is immeasurable,” stated Senator Brouk.

“My heart aches for their families and their communities. The best way I can think to honor them is to ensure their families get the care and support they need during this difficult time, and to support the brave soldiers of the National Guard who serve our communities, our state and our nation. May we never forget the sacrifices made by Chief Warrant Officers Koch, Prial, and Skoda.”