Upstate Senators Announce Big Road Infrastructure Investments for the City of Rochester

Senators Cooney, Brouk, and Kennedy

Rochester, NY - Senators Samra Brouk (D-55) and Jeremy Cooney (D-56) joined Senate Transportation Chair, Senator Tim Kennedy (D-Buffalo) and City of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren to announce Rochester will receive nearly $12 million in state funding for local road repairs and maintenance as part of the state’s 2021-2022 budget, marking a 137% increase in infrastructure funding for the city compared to last year’s budget allotment. 

The state money includes $5.4 million in brand new funding for Rochester as part of the creation of the City Touring Routes program. The new infrastructure initiative, which was advanced by Kennedy, Brouk, and Cooney, distributes state funding based on the number of centerline miles of non-state highway roads in municipalities, and will be dedicated to cities, towns, and villages. 

“I want to commend and thank Senators Samra Brouk and Jeremy Cooney for working in partnership with Chairman Kennedy and the members of the Transportation Committee to secure these critical funds for Rochester,” said Mayor Lovely A. Warren.

As first year legislators, Senators Brouk and Cooney have clearly hit the ground running in Albany with a determined commitment to getting results for our city. Enhancing our transportation network and attracting more visitors to Rochester will advance our efforts to create more jobs, safer and more vibrant neighborhoods and better educational opportunities.”

Senator Samra Brouk (D-55): “Investing in our transportation system improves the quality of life in a community by enhancing the visual appearance of our cities, helping to attract and retain businesses, and improving mobility, safety and access for community members. This funding comes at an important moment in history when we are reimagining our systems and streets to prioritize people—pedestrians and bicyclists, a parent pushing their child in a stroller, a community member in a wheelchair, or a child learning to skate. I am proud of the strides we are making in the New York Senate to make better investments in the Rochester community to help families, workers, and businesses in this region thrive.”

Senator Jeremy Cooney (D-56, Chair of NY Senate Cities 2 Committee): “We know that simply fixing potholes is not enough if we want to have safer and reliable urban transportation. This new funding is a chance to reinvent our city into a more walkable and more accessible place while also improving conditions for our drivers. This investment will benefit commuters and also create new jobs that will make a long lasting impact for Rochesterians.”

“As Chair of the New York State Senate Transportation Committee, I’ve personally toured thousands of roadways across New York State, and I’ve seen firsthand the severely deteriorated state of our major thoroughfares. In fact, a recent report from TRIP found that throughout New York, nearly half of major locally and state-maintained roads are in poor or mediocre condition, which underscores just how important it was for us to secure this money,” said Senator Tim Kennedy. “We know our infrastructure is essential to a thriving economy, and as we continue to Build Back Better from the COVID-19 pandemic, true, substantial investment is critical. This record funding will finally allow Rochester to repair local, heavily trafficked roads that are in dire need of attention and rehabilitation, and will have a direct impact on improving roads that drivers rely on every day.”

A full breakdown of funding dedicated to Rochester can be found below:

Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS)
2020/2021 Budget: $3,662,348.29
2021/2022 Budget: $4,484,812.51

Extreme Winter Recovery Funds
2020/2021 Budget: $534,946.61
2021/2022 Budget: $822,994.79

PAVE-NY funds:
2020/2021 Budget: $835,967.44
2021/2022 Budget: $1,253,769.50

City Touring Routes: 
2020/2021 Budget: non existent 
2021/2022 Budget: $5,416,049.97

Total Change in Funding:
2020/2021 Budget: $5,033,262.34
2021/2022 Budget: $11,977,626.77

Grant Malone, President of the Rochester Building and Trades Council: "This funding is a huge win. Our community is in need of more good paying jobs and this funding will deliver them. This is an opportunity for us to improve the quality of life for residents while increasing access to the City as well as investing in desperately needed new jobs."

Renée Stetzer, President, Reconnect Rochester: “Maintaining our roads is about so much more than resurfacing and filling potholes. Our roads are shared public spaces, where everyone —regardless of their age, ability, income and mode of transportation —should be able to get around safely. These funds from the State can help the City of Rochester provide better, safer infrastructure to connect our neighborhoods and complement all the incredible work the City is already doing to enhance the quality of life for the people who live, work, play and visit here.”