Senator Sean Ryan, Senate Majority Pass Economic Development Reforms



Reforms Will Support Economic Development, Increase Transparency, and Protect Taxpayers’ Dollars

ALBANY – Today, May 18, 2022, New York State Senator Sean Ryan announced that the Senate Majority has advanced legislation to support economic development and make necessary reforms to protect taxpayers’ dollars in public projects.

Government must ensure that economic development is done fairly and responsibly with input from the public. The legislation passed today increases transparency through open meeting laws, protects against IDAs incentivizing companies with tax benefits to relocate within the state, requires Empire State Development to proactively post all materials provided to community advisory committees on its website, and requires these bodies to meet publicly. Additionally, this bill package restores Comptroller review over contracts and prohibits confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions in contracts pertaining to economic development.

Senator Sean Ryan said, “When it comes to economic development in New York, we need to make sure the interests of the taxpaying public are being prioritized over those of corporations. This wide-ranging package of reforms takes important steps to improve transparency, increase accountability, and ensure that New Yorkers’ tax dollars are being spent wisely on public works projects.”

The legislation passed by the Senate Majority includes:

  • Empire State Development Transparency: This bill, S.8419A, sponsored by Senator Jessica Ramos, requires the Empire State Development to publicly post the listing of community advisory committee members, and community advisory committee meeting agendas, materials, and minutes, on the corporation's website.
  • Restoration of Comptroller Review Over Contracts: This bill, S.6809A, sponsored by Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick, restores the Office of the State Comptroller's oversight for certain state contracts. Some of these contracts include OGS centralized contracts that exceed $85,000, as well as purchase orders and other procurement transactions issued under such centralized contracts, as well as certain SUNY contracts.
  • State Disaster Emergency Contract Review: This bill, S.8062, sponsored by Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick, ensure the Office of the State Comptroller's authority to review state contracts prior to ratification, under sections 112 and 163 of the state finance law, remains intact during a state disaster emergency that extends beyond 30 days.
  • Ban on Incentivized Movements Within the State: This bill, S.1656A, sponsored by Senator James Skoufis, prohibits industrial development agencies from incentivizing movements within the state where any plant, facility, or personnel of the project occupant are abandoned or removed.  
  • State Non-Disclosure Act:  This bill, S.1196, sponsored by Senator Michael Gianaris, prohibits confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions from inclusion in contracts pertaining to economic development entered into by the state or a municipality. 
  • New York State Authorities Control Board Voting: This bill, S.7337, sponsored by Senator Leroy Comrie, restores the PACB’s independence from the Governor. It will repeal changes to the PACB statute enacted by demand of the former Governor in 2019. 
  • Cost Comparison for Consultant Services: This bill, S.5356, sponsored by Senator Neil Breslin, sets forth conditions when an agency shall enter into a contract for consultant services. The bill requires agencies to conduct a cost comparison prior to entering into a contract for consultant services to determine if there is a less expensive alternative.