Senate Holds Hearings on Governor's Proposed Deficit Reduction Plan

October 19, 2009

Albany, NY—Committed to the development of a fiscally prudent deficit reduction plan that protects vital services without placing any additional burden on taxpayers, the New York State Senate Finance Committee will commence two public hearings next week to review the fiscal consequences of the Governor’s deficit closing proposals on local services and programs supported by the state.
Additional hearings are being arranged for the weeks ahead so that taxpayers from every region of the state are heard as the Senate seeks to cut spending and reform the budget process.
Senate Majority Conference Leader John L. Sampson said, “The Majority Conference is opposed to any new taxes or fees as a means of closing the current budget deficit. While we appreciate that the Governor avoided making such proposals, we must also mitigate the impact of potential cuts and keep vital services intact. This budget will not be balanced on the backs of the state’s most vulnerable residents. Our hearings will ensure that the public’s concerns and alternative proposals are heard before any deficit reduction plan is finalized and voted on by the Legislature.”
Senate President Malcolm A. Smith said, “New York was among the states hit hardest by the national recession, and any plan to balance the budget must be deliberate with an eye toward our economic future. While our staff is reviewing the implications of the Governor’s proposals, we’re also bringing the public into the legislative process to hear what these cuts would mean to programs and services, and determine if there are better ways to close the budget gap.”
Senator Carl Kruger, Chair of the Finance Committee said, “In light of the formidable challenges we face during this unprecedented economic crisis, these hearings will give us the opportunity to hear what New Yorkers want and need in order to maintain the quality of life they have come to expect. I look forward to listening to valuable testimony that will guide us in formulating a prudent deficit reduction plan that accomplishes the goal of maintaining essential services while imposing no new taxes on already overburdened residents.”
Senator Liz Krueger, Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee said, “Over the course of these hearings, we as a Legislature will develop a clearer understanding of the impact that the Governor’s proposals will have on the local level. I look forward to the information that will be brought to the discussion, as well as the opportunity to discuss other ideas for making necessary cuts and getting the state’s spending and revenue projections in line with each other. Action is necessary, but we must ensure we inflict as little pain as possible, that our decisions reflect our core values about the role of government, and that we are fiscally responsible for the future of our state's economy.”
CONFIRMED SCHEDULE (additional dates and locations to be announced):
New York City
Date: Monday, October 26
Time: 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.
Location: US Customs House
1 Bowling Green
Suffolk County
Date: Tuesday, October 27
Time: 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.
Location: Brookhaven Town Hall, Auditorium - 2nd Floor
1 Independence Hill, Farmingville
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