Senate Labor Committee To Hold Public Hearing On Workers' Compensation Board "Managed Adjudication Path" Program

February 23, 2010

New Program Permits Administrative Law Judges to Issue Proposed Decisions in Many Disputed Workers’ Compensation Cases Without Providing Employees or Employers With Prior Opportunity for Hearings

State Senator George Onorato, the Chairman of the Senate Labor Committee, today announced that the Committee will hold a public hearing to examine the State Workers’ Compensation Board’s new “Managed Adjudication Path” program. Under this program, administrative law judges will be able to issue proposed decisions in many unsettled workers’ compensation cases without providing prior hearings for the injured workers and their employers. The restrictions on hearings have raised concerns among injured workers, employers, and insurance carriers that this new statewide program violates long-established due process rights provided under state law.


DATE: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

TIME: 10 a.m.

PLACE: Hearing Room B, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY


Witnesses expected to provide testimony at the hearing include New York State Workers’ Compensation Board Chairman Robert Beloten; workers’ compensation law judges from throughout New York State including Robert Anderson (Nassau County), Carol Olszewski (Albany), and Melissa Richburg (Albany); retired workers’ compensation law judges Arthur Cooper (Buffalo) and George Perry (Brooklyn); Mark Hamberger, Esq., on behalf of the President of the New York State Bar Association; Christopher Lemire, Esq., the Chairman of the New York State Bar Association’s Workers’ Compensation Division; John Sciortino, the President of the Injured Workers’ Bar Association; William W. Crossett IV of the Workers’ Compensation Alliance; representatives of the AFL-CIO, and employers.


The public hearing will be available for viewing at