Senate Majority Announces Passage of Historic Rules Reform That Will Create More Inclusive And Accountable Senate

State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm A. Smith today announced passage of historic rules changes that will fundamentally change the way the Senate operates and conducts business. In their first order of business as the Majority the Senate passed a series of rules changes that will foster discussion and productivity, and increase accountability and transparency for the public.

Most significantly, following passage of these reforms, Senator Smith announced the formation of a Temporary Senate Committee on Rules and Administration Reform that will make a proposal to the full Senate no later than April 13, 2009, to fully usher in a new era in Albany. The bi-partisan committee will include nine members and will be co-Chaired by Democratic Senator David Valesky and Republican Senator John Bonacic.

“Today the Senate took its first significant steps in decades towards achieving a more open, accountable and inclusive legislative process,” said Senator Smith. “By working with all of our colleagues to change the way business is done in Albany, we can restore public confidence in the Senate and show the people of New York that the Chamber belongs to them, not us.”

Fore more information, please see the attached press release.