Senate Majority Conference Launches "New Jobs" Roundtables

February 18, 2010

With the 2010-11 budget negotiations underway, the Senate Majority continued to build on its efforts to combat the unemployment crisis by convening job creation roundtables across the state to engage the expertise of industry leaders and produce sensible solutions to spur job growth. Joining together with New York businesses large and small, economic development officials, and academic and civic leaders, participants will discuss and draft proposals for this year’s budget to get New Yorkers working again.

The roundtables are the latest tool employed by the Senate Majority to address the staggering job losses plaguing New York’s economy.

Early last year, the Senate Majority became among the first in the nation to launch job creation and retention initiatives which have so far created or saved nearly 400,000 jobs in New York, including:

  • Green Jobs: Senate Democrats developed this groundbreaking program to weatherize more than one million homes, lower energy costs for families and create 14,000 good-paying construction trade jobs.
  • Power for Jobs: Senate Democrats extended and expanded this successful plan which supports more than 330,000 jobs at thousands of businesses – many of which are located in Upstate and Long Island, where manufacturing sectors have collapsed because of a lack of support from the former Majority.


Additionally, last year the Senate Democratic Majority identified TANF provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which delivered an 80-20 matching program from the federal  government if the state worked with local social service districts to create private-sector jobs in not-for-profit and community-based organizations. Senate Democrats  put $15 million to work, creating hundreds of jobs which now help families who are struggling to access the resources they need to stay afloat while searching for new jobs.

Senate Democrats also targeted federal reconstruction dollars for the development of a 21st century infrastructure model, which created 50,000 new construction jobs on hundreds of projects, and placed 1,391 new cops on the streets to keep our communities safe.

The participants in these roundtables will provide first-hand reports on the state of the economy, how to build upon job creation and retention successes, and the affect of the “credit crunch” in their regions and industries. They will offer important insight into what is stalling business expansion, and  what businesses need to grow. Lastly, participants will discuss the effectiveness of using tax credits versus direct grants to promote hiring by small and medium sized businesses.  

Roundtables are scheduled for:

·        February 18: Buffalo – Hosted by Senator William Stachowski

·        February 19: Syracuse – Hosted by Senator David J. Valesky

·        February 19: Watertown – Hosted by Senator Darrel J. Aubertine

·        February 26: Yonkers – Hosted by Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins

·        March 3: Central Islip – Hosted by Senator Brian X. Foley.

The Senate Majority Conference ‘New Jobs New York’ web site,, opens up the process of developing policies to create jobs quickly, bolster job growth, and ensure long-term economic development.  Business owners across the state can report on the jobs market and business environment from their perspective by filling out the “Jobs and Small Business Survey,” 

“Our economy works only when New Yorkers are working. Creating jobs helps grow the economy and halt the devastating impact the recession has had on millions of families. By partnering with industry experts to organize statewide job creation roundtables, the Senate is making the sound investment we need to get New York back to work,” said Senate Majority Conference Leader John L. Sampson.

“Our job is to get people back to work.  Immediate action as well as a long-term strategy to address the unemployment crisis is the only thing that will get New York working again. We are enlisting the expertise of industry leaders to draft comprehensive job creation proposals that will be included in the state budget,” said Senator William Stachowski (D-Lake View).

"Our main priority is job creation, and the best way to do that is by speaking directly to business owners and operators in our districts. These roundtables will provide an opportunity for open discussion about issues specific to Central New York, and how we can best move forward in a tough economic climate," said Senator David J. Valesky (D-Oneida).

“The most pressing need for our state is job creation and job retention, especially Upstate, where despite decades of decline new opportunities are on the horizon,” said Senator Darrel J. Aubertine (D-Cape Vincent), Chair of the Senate Upstate Caucus and Rural Resources Commission. “By bringing the economic development and business communities together now, their input will be used to shape policy and a budget that promotes jobs and economic growth, while also laying the foundation for a sustainable, long-term recovery.”

“The number one priority of families and business is the same: jobs.  If families don’t have jobs, our businesses don’t have customers. We are committed to using the state’s resources in the most effective manner possible to put New York back to work now, and build lasting prosperity for the long term.  The businesses that use the state’s economic development programs are in the best position to know what works, and we will discuss specific proposals to include in the upcoming budget,” said Senator Brian X. Foley (D-Blue Point).