Senate Passes Bill to Increase Penalties for Sex Offenders

February 13, 2012

The New York State Senate today passed a bill, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, that would ensure significantly longer prison sentences for serial rapists.

Under current law, it is possible for a judge to issue concurrent sentences for multiple counts arising from separate and distinct acts of rape. The legislation (S.1826) would require consecutive prison sentences for each separate count of first degree rape when an individual is convicted of multiple counts.  

“The crime of first-degree rape, one of horrifying violence, and it is often repeated either against the same victim, or against several victims,” Senator Skelos said.   “Very simply, without this change, someone who commits two or three or more acts of rape can be sentenced as if they only committed one act.  It’s conceivable a rapist convicted of multiple counts could receive as little as five years in prison. That is unacceptable.  This legislation would require that the sentences on each count run consecutively so that rapists are kept out of our communities and behind bars where they belong.”

The bill was sent to the assembly.