Senate Passes Legislation to Combat $150B Human Trafficking Industry

A barcode that includes the telephone number for the human trafficking hotline.

The New York State Senate passed several legislative measures to head off human trafficking at major transportation hubs and provide greater resources for outreach and education efforts. Collectively, these resources will aid in the identification and prevention of human trafficking in New York. According to the Senate Majority, nearly half a million people are trafficked in the United States alone, making it a pressing issue that demands constant and renewed attention from lawmakers and citizens alike. Read the Senate Majority Conference release.

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said, “Although human trafficking often operates in the shadows of our society, many of the tell-tale signs are right in front of us. As thousands of people are coerced into this industry we must do more to act on their behalf, and shed further light on this pervasive atrocity. I am very proud of the proposed legislation, which advances common-sense measures and delivers high-impact results. I want to thank the bill sponsors for their attention to this issue, and for standing on the side of survivors.”

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Anti-Trafficking Airport Resources: S8262, sponsored by Senator Anna Kaplan, requires information concerning services for human trafficking victims in airports.

Anti-Trafficking Port Authority Resources: This bill, S8573, sponsored by Senator Anna Kaplan, relates to information concerning services for human trafficking victims in Port Authority bus terminals.

Spot and Stop Trafficking Training: S7360, sponsored by Senator James Skoufis, requires curriculum related to human trafficking awareness to be included in alcohol training awareness programs; requires such training to be developed in conjunction with and approved by the New York state interagency task force on human trafficking.

State Contractor Anti-Trafficking Accountability: S8080, sponsored by Senator Cordell Cleare, requires state contractors to submit a statement on preventing human trafficking in bids to the state and maintain a written policy for preventing human trafficking within its operations, business dealings, and supply chain and provide to the state a copy of such policy when submitting such statement.

Act to Promote Trafficking Victim Resources: S3374B, sponsored by Senator Jamaal Bailey, promotes the education of the human trafficking information and referral hotline to assist persons in freeing themselves from severe acts of sex trafficking.

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Bill sponsor Senator Jamaal Bailey said, “Human trafficking is a growing and pervasive problem that impacts all of our communities. This package of legislation works to combat the scourge of human trafficking and strengthen protections for victims. My bill, S3374B, would mandate that any establishment with a liquor license and all adult entertainment venues prominently displays signage with contact information related to the human trafficking hotline. Victims of trafficking face extraordinary hurdles to seeking help. Mandating visible signage in these establishments where victims are at heightened risk will help them access potentially lifesaving assistance. These bills will increase awareness, promote resources for victims, and advance preventative measures to protect against and break the cycle of exploitation.”

Bill sponsor Senator Cordell Cleare said, “As Chair of the Women's Issues Committee, I have made it my mission to eradicate the scourge of human trafficking and I am proud of the Conference-wide package of bills that we pass to empower victims and survivors today. We must continue our proactive work in this issue area as a sweeping and comprehensive set of measures is what is truly needed to ensure a human trafficking-free world.”   

Bill sponsor Senator Anna Kaplan said, “No community is immune to the scourge of human trafficking, and it’s critical that we do everything we can to give victims the opportunity to escape their captors and survive the trauma they’ve been forced to endure. Prominently displaying the national human trafficking hotline in places where victims will see it is a common sense way to help a person in need, and it will help raise awareness of the problem among members of the public who might be able to step in and help. I’m proud to sponsor legislation that will require the posting of victims’ resources in airports and bus terminals, and I’m grateful for the leadership of Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins in ensuring that we’re doing everything we can to break the cycle of violence and stand up for survivors.”

Bill sponsor Senator James Skoufis said, “Addressing the deplorable practice of human trafficking around the world requires an all-hands-on-deck approach. My bill to empower New York's bartenders, often the gatekeepers of our drinking establishments, to spot the signs of human trafficking is one critical step to protect those most vulnerable from this form of modern-day slavery. I am proud to stand with my colleagues as we pass this important series of trafficking awareness and protection measures.”

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