Senate Passes Statewide Recovery and Revitalization Package With Focus on Homegrown Jobs and Revenue

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The New York State Senate passed legislation to support businesses, economic development, and job growth across New York State.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Senate Majority has fought to help our business communities recover and build back our economy stronger than ever before,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said. “There have been many unforeseeable fiscal challenges due to the pandemic, and as part of that ongoing recovery, these bills create jobs, grow and diversify our workforce, create revenue, and help revitalize businesses and main streets. I want to thank the bill sponsors for continuing to deliver results for our economy across the entire state.”

The legislative package includes:

  • Buy American Salt Act: Sponsored by Senator Tim Kennedy, S3908A ensures all rock salt, sodium chloride, and all supplies used in the performance of a government contract within the State will be mined or hand-harvested in the United States. Locally sourced rock salt will help bring jobs to our State, as well as create a new source of funding for New York.
  • NYS Coronavirus Economic Recovery Advisory Council: Sponsored by Senator Anna Kaplan, S3098D establishes the New York State Advisory Council on Coronavirus Economic Recovery and Workforce Development which will work to promote economic development and collaboration opportunities.
  • Temporary Conditional Licenses for New York Hemp Farmers: Sponsored by Senator Michelle Hinchey, S8084A establishes a temporary conditional adult-use cultivator license and a temporary conditional adult-use processor license in order to establish the adult-use cannabis market in a timely manner, and to bolster the social equity program required by the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act of 2021.
  • The Main Street Development Center: Sponsored by Senator Brian Kavanagh, S3132 establishes a New York Main Street Development Center in the Division of Housing and Community Renewal.  
  • Personal Protection Equipment Stockpile: Sponsored by Senator Neil Breslin, S4110A requires a New York State-manufactured and produced stockpile of personal protective equipment for all agencies to utilize in the event of a health emergency or crisis.
  • The Dry Cleaning and Appearance Enhancement Business Fund: Sponsored by Senator Leroy Comrie, S3257 adds dry cleaning and appearance enhancement businesses to the list of businesses eligible for assistance through the Empire State Economic Development Fund.

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Bill Sponsor, Senator Neil Breslin said, “I am proud that this bill will be included in today's Small Business Recovery package of bills. This proposal would require that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) being purchased through state contracts would, as practicable as possible, be sourced from New York State. This would apply to all contracts for PPE or medical supplies valued at over $50,000. Requiring that personal protective equipment be manufactured in New York State can create jobs making the equipment, and it also will make the delivery of PPE quicker and cheaper, rather than waiting for it to come from overseas.”

Bill Sponsor, Senator Leroy Comrie said, “We must serve as a partner to small businesses as they make upgrades to meet necessary worker safety and environmental standards. Mom-and-pop businesses are a cornerstone in our shared communities. Reestablishing the Financial Assistance to Business program will help bridge the transition in this critical moment. As we recover from the pandemic, we must remember the unique hardships small businesses have faced and adopt policies that foster healthy, safe workplaces and foster small business success.”

Bill Sponsor, Senator Michelle Hinchey said, “Last year, with the historic passage of the MRTA, New York set the foundation for a legal cannabis industry predicated on social equity, inclusion, and ensuring that economic success stays local. To achieve these goals and create a truly circular economy, we need New York farmers to begin the growing process now so that when cannabis dispensaries open, we can fill shelves with quality New York-grown products. Our existing hemp growers, who have been some of the hardest hit by market fluctuations, already have the knowledge base to meet this need, and I’m proud to sponsor legislation to help them obtain conditional licenses, which will allow New York to implement its cannabis program faster. My bill will also help advance the critical social equity goals laid out in the MRTA by establishing mentorship programs that bring more BIPOC growers into the fold to strengthen diversity in agriculture and deliver opportunities for all who want to be part of this exciting space. I’m happy to join my colleagues in advancing legislation today that supports the New York business community and grateful for their support of my bill recognizing farm businesses as an important part of our economic recovery.”

Bill Sponsor, Senator Anna Kaplan said, “So many of our State’s small businesses barely survived the challenges of the pandemic, and the path forward continues to be uncertain as we navigate a recovery that isn’t as simple as any of us would have hoped. The success of our business community and our economic recovery will depend on our Government’s ability to be nimble and smart as we move forward and continue to provide targeted assistance where needed, and my bill to create a Coronavirus Economic Recovery Advisory Council will allow us to do just that. I’m grateful for Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins for ensuring our small businesses and our economic recovery are priorities for the Senate Majority, and I thank my colleagues for their support of this common-sense initiative.”

Bill Sponsor, Senator Tim Kennedy, said, “As we Build Back Better from the COVID-19 pandemic, it's imperative that New York prioritize efforts to re-energize our economy. Through my Buy American Salt bill, as well as the many pieces of legislation included in this package, the Senate is investing in the recovery of small businesses statewide, and demonstrating a clear commitment to job growth, advancing new streams of revenue, and creating sustainable opportunities for New Yorkers to thrive post-pandemic.”

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