Senate Passes Stavisky Bill Requiring Transparency For SUNY, CUNY And Higher Education Services Corp Trustees

The New York State Senate unanimously passed Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky’s bill that would increase transparency of  the Board of Trustees of the state and city universities and the Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) by making resolutions and board actions available to the public seven days after the meeting.
“Requiring SUNY, CUNY and HESC to post on their websites the resolutions and actions by the Boards of Trustees seven days after the meeting allows concerned New Yorkers to learn about the decision making process that impacts the lives of so many students and parents,” Sen. Stavisky said.

The legislation, Senate Bill 5585C, requires that the Board of Trustees make the resolutions, actions, attendance, and voting record of the meeting available online no later than seven days after the meeting.  Minutes and transcripts must be ratified at the following meeting and posted no less than seven days after approval.  Because neither the SUNY nor CUNY Boards have a stenographer at their meetings, which are Web-cast, video recordings can be made available on the universities’ websites.  The legislation also allows SUNY and CUNY to hold certain meetings within 24 hours, such as those for executive committees, and possible emergency situations.