Senator Squadron’s Fuel Efficiency Bill Passes Environmental Conservation Committee

Bill to Help Consumers Measure Fuel Efficiency

State Senator Daniel Squadron (D-Brooklyn/Manhattan) announced today that the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee passed his Gallons Per Mile (GPM) bill this week, a major hurdle to ensuring passage.  The GPM bill would help consumers measure fuel efficiency when purchasing a car by requiring that auto dealers display how many gallons of gas per thousand miles every new vehicle uses.
Urging the passage of Senator Squadron’s bill were the New York League of Conservation Voters, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club’s Atlantic Chapter, and Senator Antoine Thompson, the Chair of the Environmental Conservation Committee.
Senator Squadron has championed the use of gallons-per-mile over the traditional miles-per-gallon measure because it allows consumers to more easily understand how much fuel a car will use, and therefore how much they will spend on fuel, in a given year.
Senator Squadron said, “ Gallons-per-mile is a common-sense, low-cost way to help us all understand just how fuel efficient your car really is. That’s a win for the environment and a win for our wallets. I thank Senator Thompson for passing this important bill through the Environmental Conservation Committee.”
Senator Thompson said, "As Chair of the Environmental Conservation Committee, I congratulate Senator Squadron for creating this bill which will save consumers money and also protect the environment.  This new method of ‘gallons per mile’ as opposed to ‘miles per gallon’ is an easier and more effective way of calculating the cost and efficiency of a vehicle."
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You can read more about this bill, including the bill's full text, at our Open Legislation site: S6141