Mayer Delivers $245K for Tuckahoe Community Projects

Shelley B. Mayer

August 25, 2022

Watch the full press conference. 

(Tuckahoe, NY) – New York State Senator Shelley B. Mayer and Tuckahoe Mayor Omayra Andino today announced the completion of construction on the bathroom facilities at the Tuckahoe Community Center and Public Library, located on Columbus Avenue, and the replacement of the tennis court at Main Street Park. Three state grants totaling $245,000, secured by Senator Mayer through the State and Municipal Facilities Program (SAM), were used to fund these projects. 

Senator Shelley B. Mayer said: “The Tuckahoe Community Center, Tuckahoe Public Library and Main Street Park tennis court all contribute to the vibrancy of our community. I am thrilled to deliver $245,000 in funding to ensure these community hubs continue to thrive for many years to come. Thank you to Mayor Omayra Andino and the village for your vision and dedication to these projects.”

Tuckahoe Mayor Omayra Andino said: “I want the residents of Tuckahoe to know what a fantastic supporter we have in our State Senator Shelley Mayer. She’s not only come through for these projects, but she’s come through before, and she always keeps Tuckahoe in the forefront of her mind. These are not just bathrooms and tennis courts. These are quality of life projects.”  

Of the total funding, a $125,000 grant was used to remodel two bathrooms at the Tuckahoe Community Center, and a $65,000 grant was used to remodel two bathrooms at the Tuckahoe Public Library. Each bathroom features eco-friendly low-flow toilets and sinks, LED Lighting and baby changing stations. Additionally, new filtered water bottle filling stations and fountains were installed outside the bathrooms at both facilities.  

A third grant of $55,000 was used to replace the tennis court at Main Street Park. This project also included upgrading the fencing surrounding the court. 

Senator Mayer and Mayor Andino were joined by Village Trustees Cara Kronen, Darryl Taylor and Nicole Englebert, Village Administrator David Burke, Tuckahoe Community Center Director John Galluzzi, and Tuckahoe Public Library Director Swadesh Pachnanda amongst other supporters and friends of the village at the Tuckahoe Community Center for the announcement. 

Trustee Cara Kronen said: “Thank you to State Senator Shelley Mayer and the entire New York State Senate for the generosity and the help and support that they offer us. These public spaces, and all of our public spaces, are really the heartbeat of our village. They’re gathering points, they’re shelters in a storm, they’re so meaningful and we are so grateful for the work of Senator Mayer’s team and the village administration.” 

Trustee Darryl Taylor said: “I would like to thank Senator Mayer for her continued support for the village of Tuckahoe. She has been a staunch supporter in the past and we look forward to continuing to work with her to help make Tuckahoe a better village and enhance the village overall.”   

Trustee Nicole Engelbert said: “It takes a village to have an amazing village, like Tuckahoe. But it sure doesn’t hurt to have the amazing support from our State Senator Shelley Mayer as well as the entirety of the New York Senate. I encourage everyone to come on down and check out our beautiful community center, our vibrant library, and the amazing park on Main Street.”