Sen. Shelley Mayer’s Statement on the Independent Investigation by AG Tish James into Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against GOV. Cuomo

Shelley B. Mayer

March 01, 2021

“The multiple accounts of sexual harassment against Governor Andrew Cuomo are deeply troubling. I am pleased that Attorney General Tish James will now commence a truly independent investigation with full subpoena powers. It is what the situation requires. As a former Assistant Attorney General, I support the legislative proposals from Senators Todd Kaminsky and Andrew Gounardes to expand the powers of the Attorney General’s office to overcome the conflicts of interest that are inherent in this case and ensure the office retains independent jurisdiction in matters such as this one. 

Governor Cuomo has led New York through a terrible time with much to praise. But that does not reduce the obligation, both morally and legally, to provide a workplace free of harassment, intimidation and other unacceptable conduct. I believe public servants must be held to the highest standard of workplace conduct. I have spent almost my entire career in public service, and I remember the times when my female colleagues and I knew we couldn’t raise our voices about inappropriate behavior without jeopardizing our jobs and our careers. Women are not going back to being quiet about sexual harassment and workplace intimidation, and their accusations must be taken seriously and investigated fully and independently.” 

Charlotte Bennett, one of the accusers, is a resident of the 37th Senate District.