Senator Mayer, Assemblymember Burdick Secure $175K To Preserve Revolutionary War Site in North Castle

Shelley B. Mayer

September 07, 2022

Watch the full press conference. 

(North Castle) – New York State Senator Shelley B. Mayer and Assemblymember Chris Burdick today announced they have secured $175,000 in state funding for the Town of North Castle to purchase and preserve Mount Misery, a significant location for General George Washington during the Battle of White Plains.  

Senator Shelley B. Mayer said: “Our community has a rich history that deserves to be recognized and remembered. As chair of the Senate Education Committee and sponsor of the 250th Commemoration Act, which allows the State of New York to start preparing for the semiquincentennial commemoration of the Revolutionary War, preserving spaces that spark curiosity and allow people to connect with our history is incredibly important to me. I am pleased to deliver this funding to the Town of North Castle with Assemblyman Chris Burdick to ensure future generations understand the significance of Mount Misery to our country.”  

Assemblymember Chris Burdick said: "I was first introduced to this project by resident Nora Manuele when she requested a meeting with me to discuss Mount Misery. From that day on, I knew how important it was to preserve this historical site. I'm so glad that Senator Mayer and I were able to secure the funding needed for the Town of North Castle to buy this property, thereby ensuring that future generations will be able to appreciate this remnant from the Revolutionary War."

The Battle of White Plains, fought in October of 1776, provided George Washington with valuable insight and experience. Facing the larger and well-trained British and Hessian forces, the Continental Army utilized the protective hills of White Plains and North Castle, including Mount Misery which was a refuge for some of George Washington’s soldiers and a key defense position for Miller Hill. These tactics allowed the Continental Army to escape north to safety and continue to fight for independence.  

The need to preserve Mount Misery, which consists of town-owned and privately-owned parcels of land, was brought to the attention of Senator Mayer and Assemblymember Burdick at the beginning of the summer by North White Plains resident Nora Manuele and local historians. In July, the Town of North Castle Board voted to ensure the town-owned parcel, 16 Nethermont Ave., remains open space and to purchase the privately owned parcel, 18 Nethermont Ave. Assemblymember Burdick secured $125,000 and Senator Mayer secured $50,000 in state funding for the purchase.  

North Castle Town Supervisor Michael Schiliro said: “I am grateful that yet another historical gem in North Castle is being preserved forever. North White Plains resident Nora Manuele did an incredible job of leading this effort on behalf of our entire Town and County, and helped garner financial support from our representatives at the County and NYS. I’m proud to be part of this new addition to our Town’s rich Revolutionary War history.”

Deputy Town Supervisor and Councilmember Barbara DiGiacinto said: “Senator Mayer and Assemblyman Burdick have once again been extremely supportive and dear friends to the Town of North Castle. Their advocacy and diligence to secure grant money in order to preserve Mt. Misery will serve as a reminder for countless generations of its historical significance.”

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “There is so much rich history here in Westchester County. Preserving Mount Misery is a debt we owe our ancestors for the sacrifices they made during the Revolutionary War. During our administration, we have re-opened the Miller House, also here in the town of North Castle, used by President Washington as temporary headquarters during the battle of White Plains. Together, these properties are not only historic, it tells you something about the American spirit and we have to respect and continue to pay homage for generations to come.” 

Westchester County Legislator Margaret Cunzio said: “It is truly an honor to be part of the collaborative effort in the preservation of Mt. Misery. After working collaboratively with the county executive, the Town of North Castle and the state, on the restoration of  the Miller House project, it is a natural progression to continue the preservation of this area. The additional funding from the county, in addition to the state funding, to purchase this property completes the historical preservation of this area, saving it for future generations. I would like to thank all those involved with helping bring this open space preservation to a reality, including but not limited to – Senator Shelley Mayer, Assemblyman Chris Burdick, County Executive George Latiner, Supervisor Michael Schiliro, the North Castle town board members- especially Councilwoman Barbara DiGiacinto, Ed Woodyard, Nora Manuele and the residents of the area.”

North White Plains Resident Nora Kanze Manuele said: My neighbors and I are extremely grateful to Assemblymember Chris Burdick and Senator Shelley Mayer. Assemblymember Burdick and Senator Mayer heard my request for assistance during Town of North Castle's Deputy Supervisor, Barbara DiGiacinto's monthly meetings. Many people who grew up in North White Plains will tell you they have a connection with the founding of our Country, George Washington, and the American Revolutionary War. A great deal of that has to do with the lore of Mt. Misery.  As kids, we climbed this rocky hill imagining what the scene was like during the War.  We are thrilled that a section of Mt. Misery will be preserved and protected! Thank you!”

Daughters of Liberty’s Legacy Co-founder and President Cynthia Abbott Kauffman said: Heartfelt thanks to Assemblyman Burdick and Senator Mayer, who worked with the Town of North Castle, to preserve this important site on Mt. Misery. As a lifelong resident of Mt. Misery, who grew up with the knowledge and pride of knowing that this place held an important role in the fight for Liberty, I am thankful that others can now also stand in the footsteps of history. With the Revolutionary War's 250th anniversary approaching, we look forward to developing educational programs to share this rocky hilltop’s rich history with students and the public at large. If history is not preserved and shared it can slip away and be lost forever. We hope that the revived interest in the history of Mt. Misery will inspire pride in the residents, and make the visitors want to learn more about this location’s critical role in the founding of the United States of America!”

North Castle Historical Society Vice President Thomas Rice said: Mt. Misery was a strategic defensive position for General Washington's troops during the Battle of White Plains.  This significant Revolutionary War site will now be preserved due to the extraordinary efforts of Senator Mayer and  Assemblyman Burdick, as well as of  our Town Board.  We owe Senator Mayer and Assemblyman Burdick a  great debt of gratitude for their leadership, support and enthusiasm for this important project.”

Revolutionary Westchester 250 President Connie Kehoe said:Support with funds that encourage historic awareness of our Revolutionary War history  from New York State Assemblymember Chris Burdick and State Senator Shelley Mayer is so appreciated. Mt. Misery is a location that will help locals and visitors alike understand the important and complex Battle of White Plains - a critical Battle often overlooked by the general public. RW250 looks forward to working with our state representatives as we move toward the 250th Commemoration in 2026.”