Senator Mayer, Mayor Roach, Executive Director of the White Plains Youth Bureau Frank Williams, Jr., and Others Celebrate Additional Funding for Youth Bureau Programming

Shelley B. Mayer

December 06, 2019

WHITE PLAINS, NY -- On Wednesday, December 4th, State Senator Shelley B. Mayer, White Plains Mayor Tom Roach, White Plains Youth Bureau (WPYB) Executive Director Frank Williams, Jr., and others gathered to celebrate $8,000 in additional state funding Senator Mayer secured to support the WPYB’s Grandpas United program. 

The WPYB became an official city government agency in 1970. Today, the WPYB works with over 2,000 youth per day, 7,000 youth per year, and operates over 65 programs throughout the city. WPYB programming includes tutoring, the Youth Employment & Internship Program, and the College & Career Readiness Program. The celebration took place with members of the Grandpas United program, youth participants, and WPYB staff members. Grandpas United was founded by Frank Williams, Jr. and Dr. Jim Isenberg with a mission to build self-confidence in young people, ensure that the city’s youth know there’s a network of support in the community that cares about them, and assist youth in figuring out career pathways.

State Senator Shelley B. Mayer said, “I am glad to secure $8,000 in new state funds to support the Grandpas United program available at the WPYB. The Bureau offers an exemplary model of programming to engage and support youth throughout the city. Programs like Grandpas United and others are an effective way to boost academic performance & future success and reduce risky behavior in youth. These programs also provide a critical benefit for working parents by ensuring that youth have a safe, structured environment to go to while parents are still at work. Thank you to Mayor Tom Roach and WPYB Executive Director Frank Williams, Jr. for all of your efforts. Thank you also to the many volunteers, including the members of Grandpas United, for the many hours you devote to supporting and mentoring the city’s youth.”

Frank Williams, Jr., Executive Director of the White Plains Youth Bureau and co-founder of the Grandpas United program, said, “We are fortunate in White Plains to have a community of grandpas who realize the importance of grandparenting not only their own children, but also helping our neighbor’s children. When grandpas are involved in their lives, they exhibit fewer emotional and behavioral problems. We, in White Plains, are attempting to be a model (a movement) for our nation where other communities can replicate our Grandpas United program. Thank you Senator Mayer for your support.”

Tom Roach, Mayor of White Plains, said, “I would like to thank Senator Shelley Mayer for her support of the White Plains Youth Bureau and for recognizing the good work it is doing within our community. The White Plains Youth Bureau is at the forefront in implementing innovative youth development and mentoring programs. The data shows their efforts are making a difference in youth outcomes. The Senator has been a great partner to us on a number of different issues of importance to the City and we are deeply grateful to have such an intelligent and proactive advocate representing White Plains in Albany."

Justin Brasch, White Plains Youth Bureau Board Chair & White Plains Common Councilmember, said “We are very grateful to Senator Shelley Mayer for this additional funding. The White Plains Youth Bureau offers over 65 programs. Our kids can learn how to fly a plane, cook, box, or take SAT Prep and Steam classes at the Youth Bureau. The best part about the White Plains Youth Bureau is that if you cannot afford our programs, they are free. Thank you again Senator Mayer for your critical support.”

The 2019 State Budget also included $225,000 for the Westchester County Youth Bureau and $250,000 for the NYS Association of Youth Bureaus.