Senator Shelley B. Mayer Statement on SCOTUS Draft Opinion Overturning Roe v. Wade

Shelley B. Mayer

May 03, 2022

"I am alarmed and distressed by the draft Supreme Court opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade. I deeply support a woman’s right to control her own reproductive decisions and more specifically, the right to terminate a pregnancy under the Constitutional limits set forth in Roe v. Wade. The decision to become a parent - a lifetime responsibility - is not one which should be imposed by the government, which is effectively what will happen should the Supreme Court adopt yesterday’s leaked decision. It is not just the personal autonomy of our bodies as women, but it is also the right to control our destiny as adults that is at risk here. This decision will be particularly burdensome and excruciating for those without resources or support. 

Additionally, I have tremendous concerns about the overturning of constitutional precedent that this decision presages. What constitutional rights might be attacked next? We must protect these rights with all the passion and energy they deserve.

I am proud of the work we have done here in New York to protect and safeguard reproductive choice, and I stand in solidarity with the large majority of Americans who continue to favor the availability of safe and legal abortions. But that will not be enough. Join in the effort to preserve our right to a safe, legal abortion under Roe - and don’t be silent."