Untermyer Gardens Celebrates a New Garden Completed with $125,000 in Funding Secured by Senator Mayer

YONKERS, NY -- On Thursday, October 31st, Senator Shelley B. Mayer, Founder and President of the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy, Stephen F. Byrns, and others gathered to celebrate the completion of the Rock & Stream Garden at Untermyer Gardens with funding secured by Senator Mayer.

In 2017, Senator Mayer, then Assemblymember, secured $125,000 for Untermyer Gardens' restoration efforts. The Rock & Stream Garden is an important feature which connects the two most famous parts of Untermyer Gardens, the Walled Garden and the Temple of Love. At their peak in the 1930s, the Untermyer Gardens were among the most celebrated in the world for their horticulture and magnificent landscape. The Untermyer Gardens Conservancy has made great strides in restoring the gardens since it began work in 2011. In 2018, Untermyer Gardens welcomed over 75,000 guests.

State Senator Shelley B. Mayer said, “A Crown Jewel of Yonkers and the region, Untermyer Gardens has taken another step in becoming one of the finest gardens in the world. Untermyer is already the number one attraction in Westchester County and generates a large boost in tourism revenue for the city and the county. Thank you to Stephyn Byrns and the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy for all of your work to preserve the history and architecture of this unique space. Thank you also to Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie--who has always been a good friend to the City of Yonkers--for supporting the $125,000 grant for Untermyer Gardens.” 

Stephen F. Byrns, Founder & President of the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy, said “The Untermyer Gardens Conservancy is thrilled to salute the pivotal role that Senator Shelley Mayer has played in advancing the rapid and exciting restoration of Untermyer Gardens, which is now ranked the Number One attraction in Westchester.”

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano said, “The majesty of Untermyer Gardens continues to be transformed thanks in part to the advocacy and hard work of our State Senator Shelley Mayer. This rock and stream garden will add to the beauty and experience of the park. Congratulations to all who work to make this Yonkers park the true gem it is.”

Assemblyman Nader Sayegh said, "For a long time, Untermyer Gardens was a hidden gem that to the bewilderment of locals, had fallen to decay. Fortunately, those days are behind us. Thanks to Senator Shelley Mayer and the tireless work of the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy, we are restoring and preserving a truly unique historical landmark for generations to come."

Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino said, “"Happy to see the continued progress of the Untermyer Conservancy. The restored Rock Garden is another project that will add to the beauty of one of our most beautiful city parks. Special thanks to Senator Shelley Mayer for assisting on obtaining the funding for this restoration. Thank you to the Conservancy staff and laborers who have worked to complete this project"