Senator Mayer Stands with Senate Democrats to Lower Property Taxes for New Yorkers

Shelley B. Mayer

June 18, 2018

Albany, NY -- The Senate Democratic Conference rolled out major property tax relief plans today which would help millions of New Yorkers trying to cope with high taxes. Since the disastrous Trump/Republican tax plan will cause millions of New Yorkers taxes to shoot up going forward, the Senate Democratic proposals are essential. Senate Democrats noted that these plans will be discussed with New Yorkers throughout the state over the coming weeks and months leading up to Election Day in November.

"I am proud to stand today with my Senate Democratic colleagues in support of property tax reform measures that begin to provide New York's homeowners, particularly seniors, much needed relief from the punitive Trump Tax plan," said Senator Shelley B. Mayer. "These measures begin to shift the cost of educating our children and providing critical services from our seniors and those on fixed incomes onto the state. The Trump Tax plan and the cap on the SALT deductions is a direct attack on the residents of my district and Westchester homeowners. I am pleased to support the set of legislative proposals put forth today which brings real property tax relief to those who need it most."

Since the Trump/Republican tax plan will cap State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions at $10,000 annually, many New Yorkers, especially in suburban communities like Long Island and Westchester, will face enormous burdens since their taxes are considerably higher than the new cap. To combat these problems and help give struggling New Yorkers real property tax relief, the Senate Democratic highlighted proposals to help reduce property taxes and the overall burden on New Yorkers.

The legislation advanced by the Senate Democratic Conference includes bills that will:

• Implement the Brooks Property Tax Relief Plan: This legislation, sponsored by Senator John Brooks, will provide significant tax relief to strapped taxpayers who are disproportionately funding more than 50% of school aid through property taxes. Senator Brooks’ plan will have the state step-up to assist school districts with additional aid so long as they provide tax relief to their property tax payers. This will provide significant tax relief statewide without bankrupting taxpayers and cash-strapped local governments.

• Mitigate the Damage done by the Trump/Republican Tax Plan: This legislation, sponsored by Democratic Deputy Leader Jeff Klein, will have state government step up and ensure that SALT deductions in excess of the federally-mandated $10,000 cap remain in place for New Yorkers earning under $300,000 annually.

• Enable New York’s Most Vulnerable Residents to Stay in their Homes and Communities: This legislation, sponsored by Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, will empower local governments to raise the Senior Citizen Real Property Tax Exemption program and the Persons with Disabilities Real Property Tax Exemption to $50,000.

• Update New York’s Senior Citizen Homeowner Exemption Limits to Help More Seniors: As the current maximum income eligibility limit for the Senior Citizen Homeowner Exemption (SCHE) from was set nearly a decade ago, many New York seniors have risen above the limit due to inflation. To address this concern, Senator Brad Hoylman sponsored legislation to increase the $29,000 to $50,000 and tie future increases of the eligibility limit to the Consumer Price Index.

• Cap Seniors’ Property Taxes: This legislation, sponsored by Senator Tim Kennedy, will ensure that property taxes will be frozen for New York homeowners once they turn 65. While these New Yorkers, most of who are on fixed incomes, will continue to pay property taxes, this legislation will ensure that they will not be taxed out of their homes.