8/31/2009: Economic Revitalization Plan


State Senator Shirley L. Huntley announced today that a significant State Senate economic development initiative to revitalize cities, towns and villages across the state has been signed into law by Governor Paterson.

The New York Main Street Program (S. 6017 Valesky) was passed by the Senate last month, and will provide communities with access to grants to rehabilitate and develop downtown, commercial and residential areas, as well as affordable housing communities. The expanded program increases the maximum award to $500,000, which can help redevelop many local buildings and streets.

Specifically, municipalities will benefit from the use of “Main Street” awards through building exterior renovation and infrastructure improvements. These awards are funded with money that the state earns from administering a number of federal development programs. Going forward, the funding will attract an additional $48 million in investment and resources to benefit local communities. “Parts of the 10th district that I represent would benefit from this program as the funds can also be used to renovate affordable housing units. Some of these units are outdated and this much needed funding would help my constituents who live in these buildings save money from repair costs and ensures the building foundation is stable.”

Since 2004, the program has funded 239 awards for a total amount of $48,742,540 in more than 149 communities in 60 counties.

“With this legislation, New York will be able to preserve the beauty and history of our communities through rehabilitating downtown centers, as well as affordable housing communities here in Jamaica, Queens. As we work together to improve our neighborhood, new jobs and business opportunities will be created. Maintaining and revitalizing our community will ensure future success for the residents of the 10th Senatorial District.”

A champion of community development and revitalization, Senator Huntley noted that this legislation is one of many initiatives passed by Senate Democrats this year aimed at revitalizing communities and attracting new businesses across the state.