Senator Shirley L. Huntley Applauds Restoration of EPIC Funds in 2012-2013 State Budget

News From New York State
Senator Shirley L. Huntley
For Immediate Release:
April 2, 2012                                                                                                                 
Contact: Antonio Rodriguez| |(518) 455-3531


Senator Shirley L. Huntley (D-Jamaica) announced that New York’s Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) program has received increased funds under the enacted 2012-2013 State Budget.

“My colleagues and I in the Senate Democratic Conference made a commitment to ensure that government provides vital services to those who require state assistance the most,” Senator Huntley stated. “That is why we are pleased that this year’s budget takes the plight of our state’s seniors into account and has provided a safeguard so that they will never have to worry about affording the medications they require.”

This year’s budget restores funding for the EPIC program and ensures that seniors will go back to paying no more than a $20 co-payment for each prescription instead of paying 25% for the cost of the drug(s). The new policy will benefit the more than 285,000 state residents who rely on EPIC.

In my district as well as Queens, there is a large population of seniors and the restoration of $30 million for EPIC will aid the seniors of Queens tremendously, some of whom that don’t have enough disposable income to afford costly prescriptions. Prescription drugs are often one of the most expensive purchases for seniors, who sometimes must make a choice between their medication and food.

“Our state’s senior citizens, especially those on fixed incomes, have been amongst the hardest hit during this economic downturn,” Senator Huntley added. “These increased EPIC funds will help guarantee that those who require medications will have them easily and cheaply accessible.”