Star Rebate Program

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New York State

Senator Shirley L. Huntley

For Immediate Release: March 1, 2010

Contact: Antonio Rodriguez || (518) 455-3531


Homeowners will have the peace of mind in knowing they will receive the property tax breaks they are entitled to under legislation (S. 3087 Valesky) supported by Senator Shirley L. Huntley (D-Jamaica) which requires that taxpayers be given a receipt confirming they in fact applied for a STAR exemption.

The star rebate program is very important to homeowners in Southeast Queens who encompass the 10th senatorial district. Those who apply to the STAR program do so in hopes of reducing the heavy burden property taxes have on their financial coffers and families. The possibility of a homeowner not receiving their STAR rebate due to a processing issue and not having a receipt to prove their paperwork would be unjust and unfair.

Continuing to fight for comprehensive property tax relief, Senator Huntley championed this legislation after learning some homeowners did not receive their STAR exemption because their assessor claimed the application was never submitted. The loss of extra monetary support for property owners could prove to have lasting effects. In areas of Queens, most notably in Jamaica where foreclosure rates are already very high, the possible loss of STAR rebate funding could prove to be a domino effect resulting in increased foreclosures.

“Homeowners need relief and this measure is a small but important step forward in my efforts to provide substantive property tax relief. It protects property owners from getting stuck in a bureaucratic mix-up, ensuring they receive the tax breaks they are entitled to,” said Senator Huntley.

This bill, S. 3087, requires tax assessors to provide a receipt when a homeowner submits an application for a STAR exemption. The receipt will serve as formal proof if any dispute arises over whether or not the homeowner had applied. Homeowners must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the receipt if they apply by mail.