Are You Immune to Measles?

Senator Felder is sponsoring two no-cost Measles Titers Immunity Tests as part of an ongoing effort to stop the spread of measles. Since October, there have been 550 confirmed cases of measles in New York City. While the outbreak has been mostly concentrated in certain areas, the summer brings a new challenge.

In partnership with Premium Health in Boro Park and New York Community Hospital in Flatbush, Senator Felder is calling on the community to take this opportunity to check their immunity to measles before the summer travel season.

Flatbush: Wednesday, June 5, 10 AM – 1 PM

Boro Park: Thursday, June 13, 10 AM – 1 PM

Appointments required, please call 718-253-2015

“Measles is highly contagious. Once exposed, you could spread the virus days before showing signs of having contracted it. The Department of Health recommends confirming your immunity level with a titers test, so that people with diminished immunity can protect themselves with a vaccination. We are happy to offer you this simple blood test, at no cost, to confirm your immunity. Stay healthy, and help stop the spread of measles,” urges Senator Felder.