California School Shooting: “New York Armed School Guard Law Must Be Passed,” Says Felder


November 15, 2017 (Midwood, NY) --- “My legislation to require armed NYPD officers at the entrance of every New York City school is a preventative measure that must be implemented immediately,” said Sen. Simcha Felder.
A crazed gunman severely injured two students at an elementary school in California this Tuesday. School administrators heard gunshots in the distance and placed the school in lockdown. This gave students and faculty a few moments to hide in locked classrooms before the gunman rammed his car through a perimeter fence and entered the school building with a semi-automatic rifle.
“An armed guard outside would have neutralized this insane attacker the moment he arrived,” said Sen. Felder. “It’s crucial that the students were in lockdown; but that is not the solution.”

“New York public schools are protected by unarmed resource officers. But times have changed and the days of unarmed guards are over,” said Sen. Felder. "When a situation calls for immediate action, all they can do is call the police.
“That makes every school a soft target and every student a potential victim. My proposed legislation places a well-trained, armed NYPD officer in front of every school.”
“It was a miracle the students in California had enough warning to hide in lockdown. If not, this attack would have been a massacre,” said Sen. Felder. “But we have to stop relying on miracles to protect our children. What are we waiting for?”