Felder & Brooklyn Parks Commish Break Ground on New $10 Million Inclusive Park for ALL Children

On September 14, Senator Simcha Felder and Brooklyn Borough Parks Commissioner Marty Maher broke ground for the installation of the first fully inclusive Playground for All Children in Brooklyn. Way beyond ADA accessibility, the cutting-edge playground will provide hours of play for children of all abilities and recreation for people of all ages. Located on Avenue S and East 16th Street, Kelly Park is accessible by car, train and bus. 

“Fully inclusive playgrounds are long overdue,” Felder expressed. “Years ago, when I began raising the topic of playgrounds with integrated play equipment to include children with special needs, I was met with a lot of discouragement. I promised myself that I would do everything I could to make it happen. All kids, regardless of their ability or disability, share the same need to play and be included, so it is gratifying to finally see that persistence pay off.” 

To fund this visionary project Senator Felder secured a $10 million NYS grant- the largest grant ever secured by a single elected official. 

“Senator Felder has always supported Parks and we are thrilled he has funded this great project,” said Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Marty Maher. “Kelly Park playground has been in great need for so long and this $10 million project will transform this space into a super playground for children of all abilities to enjoy for generations to come.” 

The playground will include the latest innovative equipment set in a beautifully landscaped park, creating a city oasis. Features include ramped play equipment, loads of accessible swings, water sprinklers and sand play, a musical instrument ensemble and sporting areas. 

“Our children and seniors are the driving force behind my work, and parks are their safe havens,” Felder explained. “Kelly Park is about to be transformed into a world class destination that Commissioner Maher assures me will be the pinnacle of parks everywhere.”