Felder Presents $140,000 Check to the Brooklyn Public Library

Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) received a warm reception yesterday at the Kings Highway Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library where he presented a $140,000 check payable to the Brooklyn Library System. The allocation, which was obtained with the assistance of Republican Majority Co-Leader Dean Skelos, will be split between the six libraries in Felder’s district including the Borough Park, Kensington, Kings Highway, Mapleton, Midwood and Ryder branches.

Felder, who chairs both the New York City Education Subcommittee and the Children and Families Committee, spoke of his lifetime love of libraries and acknowledged the important function libraries serve.

“Libraries have always held special meaning for me, ever since I was young boy. They play such an important role in shaping children’s education, their thinking and their personalities,” Felder said. He also noted that children use libraries to do their homework, while seniors utilize the library system as cooling or heating centers and as a place for recreation.

Managers and personnel from several branches were on hand as Brooklyn Public Library President & CEO Linda E. Johnson introduced Senator Felder.  “We are deeply grateful to Senator Simcha Felder for awarding BPL $140,000. We will use the money to support children’s services at six of our branches,” Ms. Johnson said. “In many neighborhoods, our libraries are the only places where families can attend developmentally appropriate programs with their young children. Thanks to Senator Felder’s very generous allocation, we will be able to help ensure that every child has the early literacy skills they need for success.”

Felder concluded the ceremony by thanking the Brooklyn Public Library supervisors and staff for their commitment and efforts. “While I know this funding will not resolve all of the library’s budgetary issues,” Felder said, “I hope you will accept it as a small token of the appreciation of all New Yorkers for the wonderful services you provide.