NYPD 66 Precinct Police Officers & Senator Felder Help Celebrate a Special Birthday

On Thursday, August 4, Deputy Inspector Jason Hagestad and Police Officer James Jameson from the 66 Precinct and Inspector Richie Taylor of Community Affairs joined NYS Senator Simcha Felder to hold a surprise birthday celebration for a special Boro Park resident, Avrumi (Allan) Unger. A long-time employee of KRM Supermarket, Allan is a beloved and well-known personality in the community. After a difficult year, in which he lost his mother and a brother, his birthday presented a special opportunity to put a smile back on his face. 

Surprising Avrumi at work with balloons and warm wishes were Senator Simcha Felder and three of his staff members, Inspector Taylor, Deputy Inspector Hagestad and Police Officer Jameson, along with the managers of KRM. The celebration culminated with Inspector Hagestad presenting Avrumi with an honorary NYPD Commander’s coin. 

“Celebrating Allan’s birthday together with members of our NYPD team and Community brings a tremendous amount of joy not only to Allan, but to us as well,” said Inspector Richie Taylor.  

“It was an honor to take part in making this a great celebration for such an amazing guy!” said Deputy Inspector Hagestad. “Allan’s birthday brought us together with so many friends and supporters and gave us all a reason to smile.” 

“Allan is a big NYPD fan, so I asked our local 66 precinct if they could help us make him smile. Their response really went beyond the call of duty. Their warmth and sensitivity left an indelible impression on everyone, and Allan’s million-dollar smile lit up the room. Mission accomplished. With all the bad news, we all need more stories like this that just make you smile,” said Senator Simcha Felder