Senate Passes Felder’s Vehicle Inspection Reminder Bill

Simcha Felder

May 19, 2022

The New York State Senate passed legislation (S3687-A) sponsored by Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) that aims to help remind New Yorkers when their annual vehicle inspection is due and provide a five-day grace period for vehicle inspections. 

Currently, the DMV does not provide any written notice to motorists if their vehicle inspection is about to expire. Under this legislation, DMV would be required to notify motorists via postal mail thirty days before their vehicle inspection certificate is set to expire, unless they request to receive the notification by e-mail. The bill also creates a five-day grace period after the vehicle inspection expires before a ticket can be issued. 

"For many over-worked, busy New Yorkers, the last thing on their mind is getting their vehicle re-inspected. In fact, the first time they realize their vehicle inspection has expired is when they return to find a hefty ticket on their parked car,” said Senator Felder. “In today’s busy world, we can all use a little help remembering and this bill would simply require the State to help remind New Yorkers to get their vehicles inspected.” 

“New Yorkers continue to be overtaxed, over-ticketed and over-fined. By just giving drivers a fair warning, with a pinch of grace, we can help them get their vehicles inspected, without always reaching into their wallet first,” concluded Senator Felder.