Senator Felder: Over $31,000 in Heartshare Grants Approved

Senator Felder is proud to share that again this year, 157 local families have been approved for over $31,000 in grants through Heartshare, an outstanding organization with whom Senator Felder has proudly collaborated over the last 6 years.

“Having a warm home to come home to is not a luxury, but for many struggling families it can be just out of reach. HEAP and Heartshare provide an important safety net for New Yorkers and I am proud that we are here to help. In just under three weeks we made a real difference for so many people,” expressed Senator Felder.

Many hardworking New Yorkers, living paycheck to paycheck, find the expense of heating a home through the winter challenging. The long winter months can easily break a thinly stretched budget, which is why year after year Senator Felder partners with the Heartshare Energy Assistance program to provide $200 grants directly to National Grid accounts to help low-income families stay warm without having to choose between essential needs.

“During this exceptionally cold winter, I am grateful for Heartshare’s partnership in providing this crucial aid to help keep families across New York healthy, happy and thriving,” said Senator Felder.

Although Heartshare is now closed, Senator Felder advises families in need of heating assistance that the application period for both regular and emergency HEAP benefits has been extended to April 16, this year. Households in danger of having their utility service shut off or running out of heating fuel may apply for a second emergency benefit. Call Senator Felder’s office at 718-253-2015 for more information or visit your local social service agency.

“We’re happy to help keep the heat on for you,” concluded Senator Felder.