Senator Felder Says Stay Safe This Summer

With the advent of the summer season, Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) is reminding people to stay safe and prevent potential tragedies by exercising caution.

“One of the leading causes of home burglaries during the summer months is unattended newspapers and circulars which accumulate on the front steps and lawn, indicating that no one is in the house,” said Senator Felder. “I urge homeowners to put a Do Not Place Unsolicited Circulars On This Property sign in the window of their house. A sign can be obtained for free by calling my office at 718-253-2015.” Leaving lights on a timer also acts as a deterrent for potential criminals.

“People should stay inside or go to an air-conditioned area whenever possible,” advised Senator Felder. “If you have to go outdoors, pace yourself. Try limiting your activity to morning and evening hours, and look for shaded areas to keep cool.”

Parents should also be mindful not to leave children or pets in a parked vehicle as cars can heat up to dangerous temperatures very quickly. Even with the windows cracked, interior temperatures can rise almost 20 degrees within the first 10 minutes. Unsupervised children and pets are at risk for serious heat-related illnesses or even death.

Other tips to stay safe this summer include wearing appropriate attire such as lightweight, light-colored clothing, a brimmed hat, and sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher to help prevent sunburn, skin damage and heat exhaustion.

“These safety tips may seem like common sense,” remarked Senator Felder. “Unfortunately, each summer, we hear heartbreaking stories in our community which could have been avoided with proper planning. I hope residents will find this information useful as they make plans for the summer season.”