Statement by Senator Simcha Felder Denouncing New Plastic Bag Tax Propsal

Simcha Felder

August 20, 2013

“I am completely opposed to the legislation introduced by Coucilmembers Chin and Lander requiring retail and grocery stores to charge at least 10 cents for paper and plastic bags at retail and grocery stores,” said Senator Felder. “New Yorkers cannot afford the basics, and now the City Council is essentially telling the average New Yorker whose in trouble, ‘not only are you suffering, but we’re really going to stomp on your head by charging you 10 cents extra per bag.’ This is nothing more than a tax and an attempt to make money. People are already overtaxed and overburdened. While the City Council is busy seeing green, New Yorkers will be seeing red. 

This scheme hearkens back to 2008 when Mayor Bloomberg wanted to charge six cents for the use of plastic bags. I took on the City’s budget director at a hearing on that proposal as well.

It was a tax five years ago and it’s still a tax today.”