Statement by Senator Simcha Felder in Response to Arrest of Graffiti Vandal in Boro Park

Simcha Felder

May 04, 2014

"The New York Police Department has proven once more why it’s called New York’s Finest," said Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn). “When news of this anti-Semitic incident first broke at the conclusion of shabbos, the NYPD, in conjunction with the Boro Park Shomrim, went to work immediately to identify and catch the person responsible for these vile acts, and to restore a sense of peace and security in Boro Park.

Police sources at the 66th Precinct have advised me that the key to cracking this case was input from a young man in the community who witnessed the perpetrator in action and memorized his license plate number, which the boy then provided to law enforcement authorities. This is a classic example of the importance of community involvement and the need to speak up if you see something suspicious. 

While it is extremely disturbing that the graffiti vandal is said to be a former police officer, I am relieved that, thank G-d, this is the work of one deranged individual and not a pattern of something more serious. We must send a message to those who perpetrate these types of heinous crimes that we will not tolerate their behavior. These cowards need to know that we will find them wherever they lurk, and when we do, we will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”