Statement From Senate Finance Chair Carl Kruger RE: Pew Center Report on State Economies

November 11, 2009

“The Pew Center on the States released a report today analyzing and ranking the economies of states across the country based on such factors as revenue change, budget gaps, unemployment rate change, and money grade.
Though New York’s population is similar to states like California, Florida, Wisconsin, and Illinois, this report demonstrates that unlike their economies, which are on the verge of collapse, actions we have taken to maintain a balanced budget and secure access to vital services for at-risk or unemployed families has kept New York’s economy stable even in an economic crisis.
There is no question that we have a budget deficit that needs closing as quickly as possible. And we have been making great strides in negotiations with the Governor and Assembly to curb spending in a fiscally prudent manner while not jeopardizing federal matching funds or taking any action that would result in new taxes on the state or local levels.”