Statement From Senate Majority Conference Leader John L. Sampson

March 29, 2010

Nothing is more important than our shared Constitutional obligation to a sound, basic, and quality education.

We may not have won this race, but we will not stop running toward the goal of long-term educational improvement. Reaching the final round of a national competition is a noteworthy achievement in its own right. And I commend Commissioner Steiner, Chancellor Tisch, our teachers, and members of the education community for their extraordinary efforts and tireless commitment to our education system.

In January, I sponsored legislation with Assembly Speaker Silver which would have maximized our eligibility for federal funds by raising the charter school cap, while bringing greater transparency, accountability, and parental input to our education system.

We remain committed to investing in our children and our future, by putting our children over politics, and ensuring the best educational outcome for all of New York’s students.