Statement From Senate Majority Conference Leader John L. Sampson

January 06, 2010

New Yorkers are angry and so am I. The people want statesmen to fix our problems, not politicians who ascribe blame without offering a solution. For decades, the Senate spent, borrowed, and taxed New York into fiscal crisis, and now millions of families have reached their breaking point, unable to survive more of the same old pass-the-buck politics.
Throughout our first year in the Majority, we transformed the Senate into a more bipartisan and functional chamber, tackled shady public authorities, and built a new tier in the retirement system to save taxpayers billions.
We saved 250,000 jobs by extending the Power for Jobs Program and created thousands more through the first-in-the-nation Green Jobs program which saved billions in energy costs for property owners.
We reformed school governance and protected children with the toughest drunk driver law in the nation.
But we will not stop there. Senate Democrats will create jobs, get spending under control, and pass property tax relief for millions of New Yorkers who are being driven from their homes. We will continue our fight to expand rights for tenants, workers and women, reform IDAs and reverse years of HMO deregulation to curb rising health care costs.
Most importantly, we will reverse decades of fiscal irresponsibility by reigning in out-of-control spending, consolidating state agencies, and putting the taxpayers priorities above all else. And as our first order of business in the new year, we will pass meaningful ethics reform that gives the people the government they deserve.
The job before us is far from easy, but neither are the choices facing our state. We will meet the challenge of change in these difficult times and deliver to New York a government as good as its people.