Statement From Senate Majority Conference Leader John L. Sampson

February 08, 2010

For the second time in six months, Senate Republicans have killed ethics reform in Albany. They have once again asked New Yorkers to do as I say and forget what I do, while special interests have tightened their stranglehold on Albany. Today, they squeezed the life out of the change New Yorkers have been waiting for.
For forty years special interest money had a stranglehold on our democracy, and taxpayers paid the price with higher taxes, record unemployment, and a long, sad string of broken promises.
New Yorkers have a right to be angry, and today’s vote by the Senate Minority is yet another example of how entrenched politicians and the special interests who fund them stand in the way of the hopes and dreams of regular New Yorkers.
The time for change has come. I had hoped today’s vote would be the first break in the Albany logjam, but the Senate Minority continued their history of building walls to exclude regular New Yorkers and block reform.
While Senate Republicans ran New York into fiscal disaster, Senate Democrats ran to change New York, and we will not allow those who turn their back on ethics reform to stand in the way of the change New Yorkers deserve.