Statement From Senate Majority Conference Leader John L. Sampson On Ethics And Election Reform Legislation

February 02, 2010

For 40 years, special-interests in Albany have prevented reform in state government. Lack of disclosure of business relationships with our lawmakers, the near non-existence of campaign finance enforcement, and millions of special-interest dollars have led us to the brink of fiscal disaster.

The ethics and campaign finance reform legislation passed with nearly unanimous, bipartisan support by both houses of the Legislature changes that. Our bill creates greater disclosure requirements for public officials, strengthens enforcement capabilities to ensure the law is upheld, and increases transparency to tear down Albany’s veil of secrecy.

To average New Yorkers struggling to keep their jobs, feed their families, and pay their bills, ethics reform might not seem that real or important. But the impact of special interest money can be felt at kitchen tables across the state. Corruption costs money. Inaction is unacceptable, and change delayed is change denied.

Once the bill is transmitted to our chamber, the Senate will act to override the Governor's veto and deliver the ethics reform we need to give New York the government it deserves.