Statement by Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos

February 13, 2013

I am disappointed that Governor Cuomo did not remove the 18-a energy tax when he submitted his 21-day amendments to the Executive Budget, as recommended on numerous occasions by Senate Republicans.  The business community has said that this onerous tax costs New York's businesses and families $509 million annually and will hurt our efforts to create jobs and revitalize the state's economy.                        

The 18-a assessment was put in place over Republican objections in 2009, and legislative Democrats assured New Yorkers that it would be a temporary surcharge.  By letting this job-killing tax sunset as scheduled, rather than extending it for another five years as the Governor would do, we can send a positive message to hardworking taxpayers and businesses.  It's time to turn the lights out on this job-killing tax, and Senate Republicans are committed to getting it done.  We encourage the Governor to remove the 18-a assessment when he submits his 30-day amendments next week.