Statement From Senator Carl Kruger Chair, Senate Finance Committee

October 15, 2009

“The Senate remains committed to generating a fiscally prudent deficit reduction proposal that promotes lasting economic growth and does not place any additional burden on taxpayers.
Three weeks ago, the Senate first began working with the Governor’s office and other legislative leaders to develop a responsible and prudent plan to close the budget gap.   We will do so without imposing new taxes and we must preserve our state’s vital services in these difficult times.
Though no information was provided to us beforehand, now that the Governor has met his constitutional responsibilities, the Senate Finance Committee will determine if the Governor’s proposals are fiscally prudent and deserve further consideration.
The scope of the budget deficit is still unclear, and we require an accurate fiscal forecast based on the mid-year report to be released in two weeks.   Once that information has been provided, the Senate will continue to move forward by holding budget hearings and further negotiations with the Executive and other legislative leaders.”
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