STATEMENT: Senator Ortt on Yates-Somerset Wind Turbines

December 02, 2015

Please see the following statement from State Senator Rob Ortt (R,C,I – North Tonawanda) regarding the proposed Lighthouse Wind Project in the towns of Yates and Somerset.

“The process thus far has been extremely disappointing and frustrating for local residents and government officials. I’m hopeful that the next phase will address the serious concerns raised by property owners, businesses, farmers, and local representatives. We cannot have such a dramatic change in our community – potential risks to our environment, health, and property – with scarce details provided by developers and without community input. For this reason, I’ve been adamant in calling for a State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) to study the impact that a project of this scale will have on our community. While federal aviation officials are studying the effect wind turbines will have on our skies and how it will impact local air traffic, the state needs to increase its diligence on this matter. I’ve also advocated for greater local involvement by moving siting decisions away from politicians and bureaucrats in Albany – and giving it back to local officials. I will continue working with concerned citizens as well as officials at the town, county, state, and federal level.”