Hurricane Sandy Storm Tracker

Stephen M. Saland

October 26, 2012

As New Yorkers closely monitor the path of Hurricane Sandy, I wanted to take a minute to remind you of the importance of preparing for the storm’s potential impacts.

 Although the storm track is still uncertain, Hurricane Sandy has the potential to affect many parts of New York State with a variety of threats—including heavy rain, high winds, flooding, tornadoes, coastal surges, and widespread power outages.

In addition to tracking the storm’s path as it approaches early next week, families should consider creating a “storm emergency kit” that includes items such as non-perishable food, water, cash, filled prescriptions, a battery-powered or hand-crank radio, first aid kit, flashlights and extra batteries.

 Below are some helpful links that you can use to remain informed throughout the storm’s progress.

 National Weather Service

New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services

 I urge you to take advantage of and share these informative resources to ensure the safety and preparedness of you and your family.