A look at major DMV fee increases that took effect Tuesday, September 1 -- fees that I voted against and that were, in effect, imposed by the New York City Democrat Leadership. Click on Join the Fight to help me fight taxes and fees!

Average vehicle registration fee went from $44 for two years to $105 for drivers
living in the MTA region.
Driver's license renewal fees went from $50 for an eight-year renewal to $80.50
in the MTA region.
Trailer registration now costs $42.50 on average, up from $34.

Taxi registration fees, on average, went from $48 to $60.
Average bus registration fees rose from $73 to $91.25.
Motorcycle registration is now $17.50, up from $14.
All-terrain vehicle registration increased from $10 to $12.50.
Average motorboat registrations rose from $40 to $50.
Fees also increased to re-register vehicles, register custom vehicles and make
photocopies of motor vehicle documents.