Mid Hudson Regional Economic Development Council Launched Today

I made a promise to our community that I would work to bring jobs to the region and the State.  I am pleased to let you know that today I joined with Governor Andrew Cuomo and other local officials, business leaders, and community members at SUNY New Paltz to launch the Mid Hudson Regional Economic Development Council.

The creation of the Regional Councils represent a fundamental shift in the state’s approach to economic development, from a top-down development model to a community-based approach that emphasizes each regions’ unique assets, harnesses local expertise, and empowers each region to set plans and priorities.

The State will work with the Regional Council to align state resources and policies, eliminate unnecessary barriers to growth and prosperity, and streamline the delivery of government services and programs to help the Regional Council carry out their plans for development.

Joining the Governor today to launch the Mid Hudson Regional Council brings us one step closer to our shared goal of a prosperous State.   Revitalizing New York’s economy continues to be our top priority and today’s announcement is a step in the right direction – and good news for all New Yorkers. 

To learn more about the Regional Councils, please visit www.nyopenforbusiness.com.