Senator Saland’s Eye Drop Bill Becomes Law

Stephen M. Saland

October 24, 2011

Ensures continuity of treatment for patients using prescription eye drops

State Senator Steve Saland (R,I,C – Poughkeepsie) recently announced that his legislation that ensures continuity of treatment for patients using prescription eye drops (S.1430) has been signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

This new law helps protect patients who have been prescribed eye drops by their physician but who may run out of their drops prematurely.  This law allows for the limited refilling of prescription eye drops when the refill is requested prior to the last day of the approved dosage period.

“Running out of the drops can occur when the container is defective or additional drops spill from the container during use. This frequently happens to those with unsteady hands, often the frail or elderly.  Even those using the utmost care in storing, and using the eye drops, at times find it impossible to ration the medication to last the period of intended use,” stated Senator Saland.

Approval of this measure recognizes that patients are medically advised to adhere to a continuity of care to preserve their eye health.

“This new law meets a clearly identified problem, namely it enables those suffering from glaucoma and other degenerative eye diseases to have daily medication. Without access to prescription drops on a continuous basis patients risk the further degeneration or even loss of sight accompanied by enormous anxiety while waiting for a prescription to become available,” stated Robin Pellegrino, executive director of the New York State Ophthalmological Society.