Senator Saland’s Statement on the State of the State

Stephen M. Saland

January 06, 2011

Despite the severe fiscal challenges before us, Governor Cuomo managed to strike a balance which was both optimistic and realistic.  He understands radical changes need to be made and appears ready and willing to lead us to long-term financial stability with less government spending, that performs more efficiently and is accountable to the people of this State.                                                                   

In order to achieve the results Governor Cuomo envisions for all New Yorkers, we need to work together and that message was echoed by both the Speaker of the Assembly and the Senate Majority Leader.

Personally, I am encouraged by the Governor’s words, the direction he’s leading us and his vision for the State.  I look forward to being part of the transformation process that puts people in jobs, lowers our taxes and restores people’s faith in a government that is working for them.